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Murder and Vehicular Manslaughter in California

If you are facing a murder or vehicular manslaughter charge, do not take on the prosecution alone. Consult Santa Clara County Criminal Defense Attorney Sam J. Polverino immediately after your arrest. He can review your case and all the evidence against you to help develop your best defense. The faster you can contact the lawyer, the stronger your case could potentially be. When dealing with a murder or vehicular manslaughter, time is not on your side. Key eye witnesses' memories may fade. They can forget the details of what they saw. Alleged crime scenes may change by weather conditions or other evidentiary concerns. Police reports may be flawed. Additionally, photographs might not reveal everything at the accident scene. Even the smallest detail may be important in mounting a defense. Your attorney needs to know everything in order to craft the most effective defense to charges alleged against you.

While many people confuse the terms "murder" and "homicide," they actually have different definitions. "Homicide" refers to the killing of another person. The killing may be justified and lawful, or it may be unlawful. "Murder" is the "unlawful killing of a human being" with malicious intent. The two are distinguished then, by malice, or a deliberate disregard for a person's life.

Vehicular manslaughter and other negligent driving behaviors are prosecuted severely in California, especially if they involve a charge of driving under the influence. Even if you were driving negligently, prosecutors must still prove beyond a reasonable doubt that your negligent driving was the actual cause of the fatal accident to be convicted of vehicular manslaughter.

When law enforcement officers enter a accident scene, it may be easy to rush to conclusions and assume that the driver is at fault, especially if that driver is under the influence. Law enforcement officers and prosecutors often fail to recognize that external factors such as bad weather or poor road conditions or the actions of other drivers could have caused the fatal accident. The evidence might seem stacked against you, especially when the prosecution has such extensive resources on its side. But remember, there are almost always two sides to every question. Any small detail could help your attorney properly defend your side of the case. By enlisting a skilled and effective defense lawyer to investigate the case, you may be able to have your charges reduced or the case may even be dismissed.

When you are facing charges that carry life-altering consequences- experience matters. You need an experienced and effective criminal defense lawyer familiar with the often confusing legal framework. Attorney Sam J. Polverino personally handles each of his clients' cases. He commits all the necessary time, effort, and resources to achieve the best possible outcome. He does not depend on a "team concept" where your case is handled by a number of associates or paralegals.
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