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Types of Criminal Offenses
You can find helpful information and legal guidance on this site regarding a number of topics related to criminal law and criminal defense in Santa Clara County. Simply click on the topic's link either below or from the Practice Areas menu.
Sam J. Polverino can offer advice and representation for the following legal matters:
Assault charges may be filed against a person who is accused of threatening or attempting to harm another person. Under California law, actual physical contact does not need to occur for a person to be accused of an assault charge. Having a knowledgeable attorney can help you fight against wrongful assault charges.
Burglary can cover multiple types of offenses, but California law defines burglary as entering into any physical structure with the intent to commit a felony or petty theft inside. While burglary penalties are harsh, seeking help from an experienced lawyer can help obtain a reduction to or dismissal of your charges.
Domestic Violence 
Being accused of domestic violence could have devastating effects on your future, including such penalties as imprisonment, fines, and restraining orders. Seeking counsel from a lawyer who can offer aggressive defense on your behalf can protect your freedom in the face of these charges.
Drug Crimes 
Drug crimes could involve any type of controlled substance, ranging from narcotics to prescription drugs. Consult a criminal defense attorney who is experienced in all types of drug charges to build the best possible defense against your charges.
Driving Under the Influence 
Driving under the influence (DUI) charges have the potential to carry very serious consequences; however, with an experienced lawyer, most DUI charges can be fought. Whatever details may be surrounding your case, it is necessary to seek legal counsel as soon as possible.
Fraud and Computer Crimes 
Computer and fraud crimes are highly technical in nature and involve complex details such as intent / motive and internet data. You need an attorney who is technologically resourceful and competent in computer crime cases to properly investigate and build a strong defense on your behalf.
Murder and Vehicular Manslaughter 
Vehicular manslaughter is an offense that involves a driver who unintentionally or recklessly caused a fatality. Prosecutors often blame the driver but fail to recognize external factors that could be to blame for the accident. The criminal defense attorney at the firm can work to get your charges reduced or dismissed.
Sex Crimes 
It is unfortunate that some sex crime allegations may be based on false accusations provided by an alleged victim. Such a criminal charge could forever change or ruin an accused person's life. Consult Criminal Defense Attorney Sam J. Polverino, who is committed to aggressively defending you against sex crime charges.
Violent Crimes 
Violent crimes are some of the most serious criminal offenses that one may be accused of committing. The accused could face jail time and fines. Fortunately, there are many defenses from the firm's knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer that could help your violent crimes charges get reduced or dismissed.
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